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Women's History Month Round-Up

March 28, 2018
This year’s Women’s History Month was more fervorous than ever! In the wake of the #MeTooMovement and #TimesUp, this month saw women taking to the streets by the millions to fight for gender parity and against sexual harassment.

Advocacy Sheroes Making History

March 26, 2018
March is Women’s History Month, and we're taking a moment to look back at the women who've already made history as advocates in Seattle and the state of Washington. Sahro Farah and Mindy Woods have a lot to teach us about how to mobilize for change in our community, and how to collaborate with organizations to make advocacy a success.

Washington Student Advocates Say #NeverAgain to Gun Violence

March 19, 2018
Washington students joined thousands of their peers last week in the nation-wide walkout to stop gun violence in schools. The walkout was organized as part of the #NeverAgain movement, which was started by student survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month. In Washington State, some of the measures supported by these young activists have already been passed, while others failed in the Legislature as recently as this year.

Impacts of Program Participant-Centered Advocacy

March 14, 2018
This year, YWCA staff advocated with program participants and other community members in Olympia for equal housing. Our day was made more special because we invited program participants to advocate for themselves.
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