YWCA Luncheons

For three decades, YWCA's Inspire Luncheons have brought people together to celebrate our mission and learn about how our programs change lives.

We are on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. Attend YWCA's Inspire Luncheon and join hundreds of community members in experiencing stories of strength and perseverance from women who have overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Hear the stories of YWCA program participants who share how barriers like homelessness, domestic violence, joblessness or inequity are transformed through donor-funded programs and services. The afternoon also features a celebrity keynote who will speak about their unique journey and passion to empower women and girls. Past speakers have included Maya Angelou, Jane Fonda, and Gloria Steinem.

This year, more than 2,000 guests raised nearly $1 million in both King and Snohomish counties. These funds help YWCA continue to provide and expand programs that reduce disparities based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and economic status; increase economic opportunities for women, and improve health and safety for women, children, and families.

Your participation at our Luncheons makes all of this possible.

To learn more about YWCA's Inspire Luncheons, email luncheon@ywcaworks.org or call 206.490.4378.

Luncheon Videos

2018 YWCA Inspire: King County - Ellen Rush
2018 YWCA Inspire: Snohomish County - Mindy Woods
2017 YWCA Luncheons - King County
2017 YWCA Luncheons - Snohomish County

Luncheon Photos

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YWCA Luncheons

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