Health & Safety

We work to increase wellness and safety in our community. We envision a future where we overcome racial and gender disparities and reduce institutional and societal barriers that drive inequities in health care access, chronic disease, and life span.

YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish works to increase wellness and safety in our community through our Health & Safety programs. We are on a mission to connect low-income women and men to accessible health care resources. 

  • YWCA offers ten Health programs, striving to make all services culturally competent and linguistically appropriate.
  • YWCA’s Health programs served over 5,000 people in King County in 2016.
  • Each program provides unique services to the needs of the community, including health education, mental health counseling, substance use disorder treatment, wellness coaching, peer support, care coordination, and insurance enrollment.

YWCA currently offers the following Health programs and partnerships:

  • Domestic violence advocacy: Children’s Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence Legal Services, Domestic Violence Services and Emergency Shelter
  • Health access and education: BABES Network-YWCA, Health Care Access, Health Engagement, Healthy Birth Outcomes, ORCA Lift
  • Counseling locations: Passage Point, Family Village Redmond, Seneca, Opportunity Place, South King County Regional Center, Family Village Lynnwood, Everett Regional Center

Our programs work toward overcoming racial and gender disparities and institutional barriers that drive inequities in health care access and quality of life. When communities are healthy and safe, we all prosper.

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