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What is Intersectionality, and why does it matter?

March 15, 2023
At YWCA, we know there's no racial justice without gender justice, and no gender justice without racial justice. It's important to recognize how different forms of oppression overlap, and intersectionality teaches us why this mindset is vital in our fight for equity and justice for all.

Little Known Facts From Women’s History

March 8, 2023
We often refer to little known facts as trivia. However, sometimes these facts are unknown simply because they’ve been ignored culturally, not because they actually are trivial. Here is a roundup of some underappreciated accomplishments by women throughout history and in our present day.

The Lack of BIPOC Women in STEM

February 15, 2023
Despite the STEM field's explosive growth, its workforce lacks equitable representation. We spoke with YWCA's Femme2STEM Program Manager Shalaya Manneh to get her insight on the gender and racial divide within the STEM field, and what progress must be made to change it.

Why BIPOC women receive unequal health care

February 8, 2023
Although medical professionals are meant to treat all patients equally and with respect, there are intrinsically racist elements to the healthcare system itself. Systemic racism within the medical field is called Medical Racism.
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