Pride Month honors the history of the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States and those fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights today. YWCA believes in the importance of celebrating our community, and to do that, we've compiled pieces about these historic moments and articles written by members of the LGBTQIA+ community from today.

BIPOC Women and LGBTQIA+ rights

Photo of two black women from the back holding up rainbow pride flags.

  • How the fight against police brutality helped ignite the LGBTQ-Rights Movement

    “I had a brief moment before I spoke where I was looking out over the crowd, and I never imagined seeing that many people gathering specifically for Black transgender people.”
    - Raquel Willis, Activist and writer
  • Life through the lens of the Black trans woman

    “We stand together as the Black community, except when it comes to the injustice being done to Black LGBTQIA+ folks. [...] As a Black trans woman, I find myself playing third fiddle to a multitude of issues seen as more important than my own.”
    - Hope Giselle, Activist, author, and artist

The History of Pride

Gay liberation demonstration in 1970

  • Pride and Stonewall - Learn about the history of Stonewall and the black trans activists who made it happen.
  • Pride Beyond Borders - Did you know Seattle has one of the nation's longest running Pride events in the country?

Stories from and about the LGBTQIA+ community

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