This year's theme, "Looking at Mental Illness Through the Lens of Race and Social Justice" will address how institutions like education, health, and criminal justice work to create barriers from childhood through adulthood that specifically impact people of color.

What we are standing for this year

Studies indicate that people of color in this country experience bias and racism in health care, as well as other areas.  People of color are more likely to be misdiagnosed, suffer inadequate treatment, experience care by practitioners who lack skills in providing culturally competent care, and given little or no access to non-emergency room mental health treatment. These disparities have led to the wrongful routing of people of color into the criminal system and are often at the root of the school-to-prison pipeline

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The painful and well-documented history of government-sanctioned medical research experiments that knowingly exposed communities of color to health hazards contributes to the reluctance for some to seek care. 

Our moderator and panel of experts at YWCA’s Stand Against Racism will discuss the ways in which unconscious and conscious bias, racism, sexism, homophobia, and other barriers affect health care access.  We will explore innovative practices that can provide better, more culturally competent mental health care and equitable health care outcomes.


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Moderated by Dr. Ivor Horn, this year's discussion is sure to be informative and transformative.  Dr. Horn is Chief Medical Officer at Accolade, a health care navigation company focused on improving people's lives by supporting them through their health care experience. She also has over two decades of experience as a community- based primary care pediatrician providing care in communities of color. 

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Our panelists include: 

Mark Fadool, Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Odessa Brown Children's Clinic. His work includes running a youth center and working in residential care.

Jessica Wolfe, ACLU Washington Lawyer. Her work focuses on civil rights issues impacting individuals in pretrial detention with mental illness.

Sabina Neem, Psychotherapist, Wellspring.  Her expertise includes clinical, policy, and community work including being a founding member of for the Trans-health Information Project.

Daniel Malone, Executive Director, DESC. His work is focused on developing, implementing, operating, and evaluating services and programs for people whose needs have not been met by conventional services and systems of care.

Sara Rankin, Professor, Seattle University School of Law. Professor Rankin is also the founder and Director of the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project (HRAP) in the Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality at the Seattle University School of Law.

Take a stand with us at our annual Stand Against Racism event. Stand Against Racism is a signature campaign of YWCA USA to build community among those who work for racial justice and to raise awareness about the negative impact of institutional and structural racism in our communities. This campaign is one part of our larger national strategy to fulfill our mission of eliminating racism.

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Salma Siddick is the Content & Copywriter Manager at YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish. An immigrant from Zimbabwe, Salma has lived, worked, and attended school on three continents.


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