Help make the holidays brighter for your community by registering for YWCA's Gift Giving Program (formerly known as Adopt-a-Family) before December 9.

For YWCA’s Gift Giving Program (formerly known as Adopt-A-Family), we are requesting the following:

  • A $150 gift card for groceries for the head of the household
  • Two $75 gift cards for each child to the two stores of their choice

Please click the button above to register by December 9. We will then match you with a family. Once matched, you’ll receive a family information sheet with names, ages, interests, and to which stores they’ve requested gift cards.

Depending on the size of family requested, it could be a day or a few weeks to get you matched. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Date & Time

King & Snohomish Counties
YWCA Gift Giving Program Coordinator


Stand Against Racism Town Hall

Start Date
12:00 pm
End Date
1:30 pm
Register to tune in virtually for our annual Stand Against Racism Town Hall on May 5

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