April 10 was all Women's Equal Pay Day, the day women's earnings "catch up" to men's earnings from the previous year. After decades of fighting, equal pay is better than what it has been in the past, however, we have not yet reached total equity for all women. In honor of this day, we share below some of what we're reading about Equal Pay Day.
  • History of the pay gap and how far we have come. While it is shocking that women legally still make less than men, this article speaks more on the history and strides that have been made since the Equal Pay Act.
  • Equal pay does not mean equality for all women. Did you know that job applicants are often discriminated against just for having an ethnic sounding name and that on average, white women are paid more than women of color?
  • Are you underpaid? Not talking about your salary plays a role in the wage gap, though it is common that most women feel that doing so places their jobs at risk.
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. Recent research indicates that there are vast wage disparities between gay men and transgender women.
  • Asking for a raise. Feel you are not being paid your worth? These three women share what happened when they asked for raises.
  • Negotiating salary requirements. Women are less likely than men to negotiate salaries. But women can and should advocate for themselves. Women can learn to negotiate in ways that have a more positive impact on the relationships and people around them. 


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