YWCA could not make the impact that we do in our community without the support of our volunteers. Volunteers bring so much spirit and innovation to our programs. We would like to let our volunteers know why we appreciate and love them.

We couldn't fit all the reasons why we love our volunteers in one post, but here are our top picks from YWCA staff throughout our agency.

Vicki Dorway, Everett Regional Center 

YWCA Volunteers

  1. We wouldn't have our Working Wardrobe if we didn't have volunteers to serve our clients and sort donations. Our volunteers help our clients feel more confident about themselves.
  2. We wouldn't have food to give clients when they first move into our shelters without our volunteers!
  3. Our volunteers are like an extra set of hands for our maintenance staff. They are hardworking, but have fun while helping out. We can always count on them.

Victoria Thai, Family Village Issaquah

YWCA Volunteers

Every single child at YWCA Family Village Issaquah receives a birthday bag every year thanks to a mom and daughter duo, Susan and Abby Strand. They started the birthday bag program in 2012. Last year alone, they served 119 children!

Lillian Hansel, Angeline's Day Center

YWCA Volunteers

We love to have volunteers for so many reasons!

  1. Volunteers interact with the folks we serve. The women at Angeline's enjoy sponsored lunches and the chance to get to know our volunteers.
  2. Volunteers assist with sorting and organizing our donations: With our busy schedules, it can often be hard to keep the donations we receive organized.
  3. Our volunteers provide activities for the women at Angeline's. We are always look for volunteers that would like to lead an activity!

Meaza Abebe, Angeline's Day Center

YWCA Volunteers

Our volunteers show us that people care – to do something without expectation because they want to help make a difference in their community. We wouldn't know what to do without them! They arrive with positive attitudes and are great at their jobs. Our volunteers may not be paid, but they're priceless!

Jason Hester, Angeline's Day Center

YWCA Volunteers

  1. I love my volunteers because they make our clients feel valued and wanted.
  2. Our volunteers help bring energy and ideas to the work.
  3. I love the extra hands in the kitchen to help prepare good meals.
  4. Our volunteers bring in amazing team work spirit.
  5. I love the feeling of strong community and passion that I share with our volunteers.

Volunteer Services, YWCA Seneca

YWCA Volunteers

  1. Our volunteers are always ready to take on a challenge.
  2. Volunteers bring all kinds of amazing skills.
  3. Our volunteers care about the work we do and the people we serve.
  4. The kindness of our community shows through their work.
  5. We are so excited to see people taking action through volunteering.

We want to take every chance we get to say thank you to our volunteers and let them know how much we LOVE them!

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, visit our Volunteer Services page for a list of one-time and ongoing tasks.

Kendyl Hardy

Kendyl Hardy is the Volunteer Services Coordinator at YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish. As an avid volunteer herself, Kendyl finds volunteering is a way to grow personally and as a community. Kendyl graduated with a degree in Public Relations with a concentration in nonprofit management. Throughout her college career, she worked to highlight the importance of civic service to sustain society and feature dialogue about issues affecting our communities.


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