This month we'd like to dedicate our blog to appreciating the many groups and individuals who help YWCA's mission, like our King County Luncheon speaker, Rebecca Bauer. Learn more about Rebecca's inspiring journey with YWCA, including overcoming homelessness and domestic abuse, and finding stability as a single mother.


Rebecca Bauer, King County Luncheon Speaker
Rebecca Bauer, King County Luncheon Program Participant Speaker

There were times I was afraid we weren't going to make it. We did though. - Rebecca Bauer

Originally from Minnesota and North Dakota, Rebecca's accent is far from the only charming thing about her. When she shared her story at the Seattle Luncheon she gave us all the feels, from laughter to tears to awe. Rebecca fled in the middle of the night from her abusive, drug-addicted husband to save her own life as well as her children's and never looked back. 

Being a single mother is extremely challenging. When my son fell ill, I left my job as a nursing assistant so I could take care of him.


Hazel Edwards, Rebecca Bauer, Diana Hernandez Perez
Hazel Edwards, YWCA Economic Advancement Program Manager, Rebecca Bauer, Diana Hernandez Perez, YWCA Career Navigator

With both her children being over 18 years of age, Rebecca decided to live one of her dreams and move to Seattle. She had never been here, she knew no one here, and though she lacked money she had her goals and motivation. Rebecca went to the KentHOPE Day Shelter and found stable housing. KentHOPE connected Rebecca with YWCA, where she was able to begin her journey of becoming a nurse's aide again.

YWCA has made a huge difference in my life and I have more confidence that I can achieve my dreams. I want other women to know thay they can make it, even when it seems impossible.

YWCA Economic Advancement Staff & Rebecca Bauer
YWCA Economic Advancement Staff & Rebecca Bauer


Rebecca enrolled in YWCA's Hope and Power workshop which provides financial coaching for women who want financial independence. Rebecca feels that she was able to connect with the other women at Hope and Power because they are all survivors of domestic abuse. With the help of YWCA, Rebecca secured fulltime employment at the VA Hospital and plans to become a registered nurse.

I want to remind other women that they are not alone. There is a support system available at YWCA. There, you're reminded of your worth and that you can reach your goals.

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Rebecca Bauer
King County Luncheon
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