Conference On Ending Homelessness

Conference On Ending Homelessness

Join YWCA at the largest annual gathering of people working to end homelessness in Washington.
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Photo of housing advocates at the Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Days in Olympia, Washington

The Conference On Ending Homelessness (COEH) is the largest annual gathering of people working to end homelessness in Washington. We will gather virtually from across the state to learn from each other, exchange ideas and share advice, get inspired and re-energized, and organize to grow the movement to end homelessness in Washington and beyond. 

This conference is for everyone. Whether you are a service provider, a long-time housing justice advocate, an organizer, an elected official, or someone who wants to start learning more about how we can end homelessness in Washington, we extend a warm welcome for you to join us. We will provide multiple spaces for identity-based caucusing to reflect and process with others who share similar identities.

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