Gender-Based Violence in Our Community

Gender-Based Violence in Our Community

Meet the leaders of YWCA’s programs for African American survivors and learn about the impact of gender-based violence in our community.
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At YWCA, we know that not all violence is acknowledged or responded to equally, and that some victims go unrecognized altogether. That’s why we work every day to end gender-based violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking.

Join us for a conversation with the leaders of YWCA's programs for African American women survivors and learn about the impact of gender-based violence in our community. This event will kick off YWCA's "Week Without Violence: Black, Bold & Brave" from October 18 - 24. 

Featured speakers for this session include:

  • Patricia Hayden, Chief Program Officer (YWCA)
  • Doris O'Neal, Director of Gender-Based Violence Specialized Services (YWCA)

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An op-ed co-authored by YWCA's Doris O'Neal argues over-reliance on police, courts, and jails hasn’t solved domestic violence nor created safe communities. Survivors deserve more options for safety, justice, and preventing future violence.

How to be an Ally to Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

October 20, 2020 Blog Post
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and at YWCA we’re shining a light on gender-based violence all month, including during YWCA’s Week Without Violence (10/18-10/24). Today we’re focusing on how we can all better support survivors of domestic, intimate partner, and gender-based violence.
Wed, 10/14/2020 - 18:28
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