February 8-12 are Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Days, a week-long series of workshops, rallies, and meetings with lawmakers to push for more affordable housing solutions in Washington. We've highlighted four ways you can join in the collective action this week.

Building Affordable Housing

Support investing $240 million in the Housing Trust Fund!

The Washington Housing Trust Fund is the state's best tool for ensuring that we continue to make strides at meeting the need for safe, healthy, affordable homes in communities across the state. As a part of the state's capital budget, the Trust Fund pays not only for new affordable buildings, but for maintaining existing affordable homes across Washington. BIPOC communities are disproportionately affected by homelessness, so investing in the Housing Trust Fund is a way to bridge the racial housing gap.

Keeping Families Housed During the Pandemic

Tell lawmakers to extend the moratorium and pass rental assistance!

Washington's eviction moratorium has been very successful at preventing the catastrophic spread of COVID-19, with one study finding that if it had been applied nationwide, it would have saved over 160,000 lives. That's why we must extend the moratorium and provide assistance to people who have accrued rent debt until all Washingtonians are vaccinated

Preventing Housing Discrimination

Help us ban no-cause evictions!

Landlords in Washington have used the loophole of "no-cause terminations" to evict renters with only 20 days of notice. These evictions are disproportionately used against Black women as a way to discriminate or retaliate. That's why YWCA is fighting to pass House Bill 1236, which would require landlords to have a legitimate business reason to evict a tenant.

Join the Conversation

Tweet your housing justice conversation-starter!

All week, advocates will be talking on social media about Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Days using the hashtag #HHAD2021. We've made it easy for you to join in on Twitter by giving you a fill-in-the-blank option and including the hashtag for you.

Check out how many other people in your community are joining this action in the map below, which shows a pin for every person who took part in Monday morning's call to action!

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