CEO Message: A History of Change-Making Women

Celebrating International Women's Day 2024

Happy International Women's Day! On this day, I'm energized by the reminder that we're part of a global movement to empower women and forge a more inclusive society for all.

To celebrate the theme of IWD 2024, Inspire Inclusion, I have a special announcement about the next YWCA Inspire Luncheon. Our keynote speaker for this year's event will be entrepreneur, engineer, physician, former NASA astronaut, educator, and humanitarian, Mae Jemison!

Dr. Jemison was the first Black woman to travel in space and has long championed the inclusion of women and girls in all parts of life. I'm eager to learn about her work at the intersection of science, technology, creativity, and equity, and hope you'll join us for the Luncheon on September 19.

March is also when we celebrate Women's History Month and examine the stories of women who have advanced equity over the years and how YWCA continues to advance justice today. By working together to break down barriers for women, we can build a more inclusive community for generations to come.

Imagine what we could achieve with a society that truly embraces women in all their diversity, one where every woman feels included, valued, and empowered!

While reflecting on 130 years of service at YWCA and what the next century may bring for women and girls, this quote from Dr. Mae Jemison caught my attention: "The future never just happened. It was created." Now is our chance to create the future.

In solidarity,
Maria Chavez-Wilcox, Chief Executive Officer

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