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If you meet eligibility requirements, please fill out the pre-screening questionnaire and send to If unable to email, please call 425.270.6649.

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Passage Point

Passage Point

A supportive residential community that helps parents facing homelessness after incarceration reunite with their children.

YWCA Passage Point Passage Point offers 46 units of supportive housing and services to parents, after a period of incarceration, empowering them in the reunification process with their children by providing a stable environment, with positive educational and social opportunities for their children. By helping to equip these parents with the skills and tools they need to live independently, the chances of re-incarceration are reduced.

Due to past issues i.e., incarceration, addiction, homelessness, etc., people find it difficult to overcome barriers to housing, employment and education. Passage Point offers support and advocacy. Re-Entry Life Coaches work with residents individually, encouraging self-sufficiency, positive community interaction, and connecting people to community services so they can learn skills and not be defined by their past, but be strategic in defining their future.

Key services for Passage Point residents include:

  • Pre-release screening and counseling.
  • Intensive case management.
  • Family reunification support.
  • Education, job training and placement support.
  • Financial literacy and budgeting training.
  • Mental health and chemical-dependency counseling.
  • Domestic violence support.
  • Self-improvement programs.
  • Children services and school liaison support.
  • Permanent housing planning.
  • Follow-up case management.

YWCA Passage Point is a project unlike any other in our region – and one we know will make a lasting difference for the families who live there and for the community as a whole.


Passage Point residents are selected through intensive in reach, community referrals and an approval process. Every potential applicant must go through rigorous screening, which includes an application, interview, child reunification assessment and Section 8 Housing Voucher approval. All residents must meet the following eligibility guidelines set forth by the YWCA:

  • Homeless upon release or history of homelessness.
  • Applicant has been incarcerated in a jail or prison in the last 12 months.
  • No convictions of a violent crime, sexual offense or methamphetamine production.
  • Has a child under the age of 18 and has a reasonable chance of reuniting with them.
  • Meets income eligibility per Section 8 guidelines. Rent is 1/3 of monthly income.
  • Family size is 5 or less.
  • Willing to sign an agreement with YWCA for housing and case management.
  • Demonstrates the ability to make changes and work toward self-sufficiency.

If you meet these eligibility requirements, send your name and contact information to