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Make a difference in your community through the YWCA. There are lots of ways you can support women and families, including one-time events, ongoing tasks and group projects.

To participate in an ongoing tasks, you will need to go through processing (pre-screen, in-person interview, references, background check, signing confidentiality forms). Ongoing positions also require a minimum of a three to six month time commitment, depending on the volunteer position. One-time events are for those who need more flexibility in their schedules, and cannot commit to volunteering on an ongoing basis. These positions usually have less contact with clients or residents. Any one-time event also makes for a great volunteer opportunity for groups!

YWCA Volunteers in 2016
Long-term Volunteers
One-time and Group Volunteers

Volunteer Hours

According to Independent Sector, volunteer time in Washington State for 2016 was valued at $30.04 an hour. This amounts to over $912,500 of in-kind donations! We very much value our volunteers, and thank them for their time and their efforts!


How you can help empower women in your community? Attend an upcoming YWCA Volunteer Orientation to find out! Click here to view orientation times, locations and to register.

Court-Ordered Service

To complete court-ordered community service hours with the YWCA, you MUST contact volunteer services and be cleared before you begin your volunteer hours. Contact us at 206.490.4376 or volunteer@ywcaworks.org.