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Group Projects:

Snohomish County

  • Clean-up & Beautification:  Work together to create a more beautiful, comfortable space for residents at Pathways and Trinity Apartments.  Depending on the season, tasks may include weeding/gardening, painting, or general cleaning.  Weekdays from 10am-5pm, groups of 3 or more.  Saturdays are possible if coordinated far in advance. 
  • Family Art Project:  Facilitate a fun family art project for Pathways residents and their kids.  Volunteers design the project, provide the supplies, and coordinate with Pathways staff to select a time and date.  Weekday afternoons, small groups. 
  • Donation Organization:  Help keep the Pathways donations room looking shabby chic by tidying, organizing, and updating our stock arrangement.  Weekdays from 10am-5pm, groups of up to 5 people. 

King County

  • Meal Program: Provide warm meals to different programs in need, opportunities everyday of the week, breakfasts, lunch, dinners, brunch on Sat. Some programs you buy the groceries and prepare, others you provide a dollar amount and we prepare.  Party Hosts are also under this program, similar, but hosting a specific fun event, like ice cream parties, picnics, BBQ's etc.
  • Adopt-A-Unit:  Work in a recently vacated unit, to clean, stock, and prettify it for the next family moving in.  We provide all cleaning supplies and stocking needs, you provide some decorative items and non perishable food.  Approx 4 hours, groups of 5 or more, on Sat. 10-2ish.  Different locations throughout central Seattle.
  • Donation Organization:  Work in one of several sites to organize donations such as linens, or dishes, unpack boxes, put on shelves, and inventory.  This weekly opportunity can be done over and over by the same group.  Any day or time, groups of 4 or more.
  • Donation Drive Hosts:  Groups choose items they'd like to host, food, diapers, hygiene, etc. and set the dates, and location of where and when they'd like to host the drive.  Most do work sites, neighborhoods, or churches they are associated with.  We are happy to come out to meet everyone and tell about our programs.
  • Program/Class Hosts:  Groups come up with, or work with an existing program, develop, plan, supply needs, and execute an event.  In the past we have had groups do:  Halloween Parties, self defense classes, budget workshops, craft classes, Mothers Day Spa day, and many more.
  • Maintenance groups:  Groups come in for specific large maintenance tasks, on the books right now we have gardening needs, mural paintings, building, painting, and landscaping.