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Protects the privacy, safety, and civil rights of sexual assault survivors and helps rebuild their lives by providing legal services, advocacy, and public education. 

Sexual Violence Legal Services (SVLS) is the only program in Washington State focused exclusively on protecting survivors of sexual violence. Our trained, experienced, and sensitive staff attorneys provide a wide array of legal services, tailored to meet the needs of each individual.  

Services offered by SVLS include: 

  • Legal representation  
  • Consultations and hotline services for victims of sexual violence 
  • Technical assistance and mentoring for attorney and advocates 
  • Training for legal professionals and advocates  
  • Community education for victims of sexual assault 

We believe sexual violence is never the fault of victims, regardless of who they are and what choices they make. No one deserves to be sexually assaulted, and all victims of sexual violence deserve access to justice.  

To learn more about your rights and speak to an attorney, please call us at 844.999.SVLS (7857). Our attorneys are available Monday through Friday, during business hours.

Eligibility & Enrollment

SVLS works with victims of sexual violence, who have legal issues in King and Snohomish Counties. Please call us for more information.  

Cases are prioritized for victims with the greatest barriers to justice (multiple legal issues, disabilities, limited English proficiency, etc.) and from vulnerable populations (immigrants, refugees, youth, seniors, experiencing homelessness, etc.).   

Services Offered

DV Advocacy
Legal Services

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