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HUD officials wowed during visit to YWCA Family Village at Issaquah

YWCA Family Village at Issaquah played host to officials from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today.

Shelley R. Poticha, director of HUD's Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, and Mary McBride, administrator of HUD's Northwest Region, toured FVI and zHome, Issaquah's green building demonstration project.

The officials learned about the intense planning and forethought that went into developing YWCA Family Village at Issaquah, which was funded in part by the YWCA Women Empowered (WE) Campaign – a bold, $26.5 million effort launched by the YWCA Board of Directors to sustain vital services into the future.

“Kudos to the vision that the board had to make this happen,” said McBride.

Check out the video and photos of the HUD officials’ visit.

Going green at FVI!

YWCA Family Village at Issaquah includes innovative features that promote sustainable building practices, durable construction and designs that conserve energy.

There are 10 outdoor signs that explain some of our green features.

Click on the sign images below to link to videos for more information about these green features.


Virginia Mason Issaquah welcomes new residents

New residents of YWCA Family Village at Issaquah will receive a gift tote bag, thanks to their friendly neighbors at Virginia Mason Issaquah.

The totes contain a variety of goodies, including paper towels, tissues, a stadium blanket and cook book. Virginia Mason donated 144 gift tote bags. What a friendly way to say welcome to the neighborhood!



Construction to begin on pedestrian skybridge

We anticipate installing the pedestrian walkway across Highlands Drive the week of June 6. 

The bridge construction will require the temporary closure of Highlands Drive around 12:30 a.m. on June 8, with crews expecting the closure to last less than two hours. This nighttime work will cause the least amount of disruption to travel.

The skybridge will eventually connect the new Family Village Issaquah to the King County park-and-ride garage on the west side of Highlands Drive. The date for the walkway’s opening has not been set. Once open, the bridge will provide a clear and safe path for pedestrians over the Highlands Drive thoroughfare north of NE High Street. The intent of the walkway is to accommodate pedestrian traffic.

The 277-foot-long aluminum bridge was built by GatorBridge of Sanford, Fla. The wheelchair-accessible bridge is a pedestrian right-of-way, and its ownership will transfer from the YWCA to the city of Issaquah. The walkway will be open to the general public, with King County in charge of operating a gate connecting it to the park-and-ride garage. The bridge is accessible from behind Family Village’s commons and will connect to the third level of the garage.

Have a seat! New furniture, playground equipment arrive at FVI

The commons is starting to look complete with the arrival of new tables and chairs.

The inviting commons kitchen.

Look fast! This colorful playground equipment will be open to little hands and feet in the fall. (It will go under wraps until then).


Putting on the final touches just in time for move-in day

Building “E” (in the northeast corner of the property) is near completion, and we anticipate our first residents will begin moving in as early as the first week of June. An estimated 10 families will move in during June, followed by 20 families in July and 17 more in August. The remaining 97 units will be occupied at varying stages throughout the remainder of the year.

YWCA Board Member Betsy Moseley shows off the contemporary washer and dryer. About half the units will have their own washers and dryers. 

A view of the commons from the courtyard, set against a backdrop of a dazzling sky.

The inviting courtyard from the second floor of Building E.

YWCA Family Village recognized at Green Globe Awards


On Earth Day, Linda and Poppy got up with the folks from Zhome to accept the Community Leadership in Green Building Award from Dow Constantine.

For more information read the full press release.


Pedestrian Bridge to be Installed

Wind, sleet and snow will not keep the first section of the pedestrian bridge connecting the YWCA Family Village Issaquah and the community with the park and ride from being installed. The bridge section was delayed in coming over the pass for several days due to the recent weather.


The lights are on and it feels like home!

It’s been a difficult winter for construction, with a lot of snow days, freezing temperatures and record rainfall. Despite that, the final roof was installed in January on Building F (southwest corner of the site). During February, this building will receive brick and exterior siding. Meanwhile, inside: the mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in work will be finished up, in addition to installing insulation and drywall. The two elevators in this building will also be installed during February and March.

Building E (in the northeast corner) will be nearing completion. On the interior residential units, final touches will be going up. Around the building, workers will be installing planter walls, pavers, sidewalks and other site finishes.

In the L3 community building (pictured above), in the heart of the site, metal siding and exterior windows will be installed. Meanwhile, inside: drywalling will begin, in addition to some interior finishes.

At Building L (pictured above), courtyard walkways and exterior balconies will be finished up and sunshades installed. On the interior residential units, appliances will be going in along with trimwork and floor coverings.

In late February, the first section of the pedestrian bridge will be installed. This first piece will connect Building E with Building L3. Eventually, the bridge will extend all the way to the King County Park & Ride, providing a safe public path from the Issaquah Highlands neighborhoods uphill to the Park & Ride.

Family Village on the road to completion in 2011!

As we roll into 2011, this is what will be going on at the YWCA Family Village site:

In Building E (northeast corner of the site), we will be finishing up the interiors of the units: installing flooring and blinds, and preparing the units to be cleaned out. Around the outside of the building, we will be pouring planter walls and installing pavers in the courtyard. All of the sitework will continue through January and well into February.

In Building L3 (center of the site), we’ll be working on mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in and starting to install the storefront windows on the building exterior.

In Building L (northwest corner), we've finished up the brick work and are just waiting for a day with above-freezing temperatures to do the final wash before applying the brick sealer. We’ll be working on siding and continuing with exterior paint, as weather allows. On the interiors, we’ll be installing drywall from the top down and starting to install cabinets and finishes by the end of the month.

In Building F (southwest corner), we have nearly finished framing work and are starting to install roofing, as weather allows. We will be wrapping the building with Tyvek and starting the brick installation this month in an attempt to get this last building “dried-in.”

One other change: we will be relocating our jobsite trailer from its current location in the northeast corner of the site to the south side (near the existing gate on High Street). That will be happening on January 11, in order to start building trash enclosures, mailbox kiosks, etc. on the north side of Building E.

The big picture

YWCA Family Village at Issaquah is still within budget and on schedule. Staff is actively working on plans for the lease up and management of the property.

Over the course of construction, we've poured 4,427 cubic yards of concrete.

From March to September 2010, 111 tons of waste materials was collected – 95.4 percent of which was recycled.

King County Councilwoman Kathy Lambert visits the site

On Friday, December 17, YWCA Board Member Barbara Morgan and Walsh Construction Company Project Manager Elizabeth Rinehart talked with King County Councilwoman Kathy Lambert about YWCA Family Village at Issaquah. 

Rinehart described the project and talked about who is working on it (escpecially focusing on the women- and minority-owned businesses that we've contracted with).

They toured a one-bedroom groundfloor unit. Board Member Morgan talked about the genesis of the project and the new Bright Horizons Family Solutions child care, which will be a key community feature of the site. According to Morgan, "Kathy and two of her aides were quite impressed."

Thank you to Councilwoman Lambert and King County for supporting this project! 

Issaquah Reporter story: FVI already empowering women

Issaquah YWCA facility will give new life to families

December 2, 2010 | By Celeste Gracey (excerpted from 

When money got tight for surgery tech student Daima Anderson, she thought the easiest way to support her three kids was to sell drugs.

Anderson will tell you now that there is no easy way out of hard work, but she didn’t learn this valuable lesson until she first got caught by police.

A single mother, her record made it difficult to find an honest job.

Then she found the YWCA. The non-profit offered her job training and even vouchers for work tools.

When she finished the class, Walsh Construction hired her to work on the YWCA’s new low-income housing development in the Issaquah Highlands.

“I feel like I’m giving back,” she said. “These are the people who are helping me, and I’m a part of helping someone else.”

Read full story on

December construction outlook

This month we will be finishing up the siding work at Building E (in the northeast corner of the site) and hopefully we will get a weather break to be able to do some exterior painting. We will be continuing to install sidewalks and patios around the building in an effort to finish up the sitework around Building E by the spring. On the inside of the building, we are installing flooring, appliances and trimwork.

We will continue to frame the large building in the southwest corner (Building F). You will start to see tyvek wrap on the building as well. We’re looking forward to getting the roof on that building in January, which will be the last one to be installed on the project.

Buildings L and L3 (in the northwest corner and in the center of the site) are both moving along quickly. We will begin to install siding, windows and doors on both of these buildings this month. Inside, we’ll be finishing up the electrical wiring, plumbing pipes and ventilation ducts and then we’ll start to hang drywall and paint.

Beautiful beams

Photos of the "Glu-Lam" beams being installed in our Village Commons community building. The largest of these beams will be 8-3/4” wide x 24” tall and span about 37 feet.


First peek inside YWCA Family Village at Issaquah

Interior of one of the residential units, showing the kitchen.

Vinyl plank flooring is being installed throughout the units to promote better air quality and a healthier living environment for the residents.

Interior of one of the residential units, showing the bathroom.

November activity report

We are moving along with all the buildings here at the YWCA Family Village at Issaquah. Building E, which is in the northeast corner of the site, is continuing along with siding and exterior painting. We’ve had a few weather delays in the past few weeks but we’re hoping to be able to use the next few days to get some exterior painting completed on the south side, install the last of the roof flashings on the east side and keep installing siding on the west and north sides.

The tall portion at the northeast corner of the building will have metal siding, which will be installed once all the painting work is complete. You may have noticed that we’ve begun grading the area between Building E and the alley in preparation for installing some small keystone walls and pouring concrete patios and stairs. That work will continue on through this month, weather depending, as we try to finish up the last of the sitework in that area.

Building F, at the southwest corner of the site, will continue to be framed during the month of November and we are hoping to get the roof on that building by mid-December.

Building L at the northwest corner of the site is ready for roofing, pending a weather window. You will start to see exterior siding and brick on this building during the month of November. As we start to button up Building E and work our way west, you will begin to see less activity up on the upper side of the site.

October view from the sky

Looking down at YWCA Family Village at Issaquah, as it goes up and up and up!

So solar

First photovoltaic panels installed on the roof.

Outlook for October

There continues to be a lot of activity at the YWCA Family Village project site. Here’s the update for what’s coming up in October:

Building E (furthest east): We are nearly complete with the siding on the east side of the building and are beginning the exterior painting. This will be followed by the installation of the last pieces of sheet metal at the edge of the roof and then installation of the aluminum sunshades. Once this is complete, there will be some additional work building patios, steps, sidewalks and installing landscaping between Building E and the road, which will be among the last tasks in that area. On the rest of Building E, we’re working our way around with rainscreen and siding. On the inside, we are nearly done hanging drywall and are working on drywall finishing and painting. This month, we will begin installing cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, etc.

Building L3 (just west of E): We are pouring the concrete floors on this building and starting on wood framing. This is the smallest of the four buildings but the most complicated. So, we will likely be framing for most of the month of October, in preparation for installing the roof in early November.

Building L (just west of L3, in the northwest corner of the site): Framing is nearly complete and we will be finishing up all the roof framing in the next couple of weeks. The roofing will be installed mid-month and then we will start the exterior building wrap and interior mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough in work.

Building F (southwest corner of the site): This is the largest building and it will take us this month and some of November to frame up. We’ll be moving the tower crane off the site the week of 10/18 since most of the heavy lifting for the job will be complete by then.

How FVI is creating opportunities for women and minorities

Aerial photo taken September 15, 2010

Before construction began on FVI, the YWCA and Walsh Construction outlined a plan for Walsh and its sub-contractors to meet hiring goals for low- and very low-income individuals and residents of public housing (Section 3 individuals) as well as to promote competitive opportunities for small businesses, including Minority-owned and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE).

How are we doing?

In the Building Phase, we have awarded more than $16 million in contracts to subs/suppliers. Of those: 

  • We have awarded $3,116,000 to Women-Owned Business (includes sub-tier WBEs), which is almost 20 percent. 
  • We have awarded $2,520,000 to Minority-Owned Business, which is almost 16 percent. This is only if you include the drywaller who is both a WBE and an MBE. If you only count them as a WBE, then our MBE percentage is 7 percent. 
  • We have awarded $1,886,000 to Section 3 businesses, which is almost 12 percent.

Over the course of the project (both the Sitework & Building Phases) up to Sept 1, we have hired 11 people and 10 of them were Section 3 individuals: 

  • Four hires by ARH Concrete 
  • Two hires each by Walsh, Merit Electric and Pro Framing.

Walsh Construction has been a key partner in furthering the YWCA's vision of advancing the quality of life for women and families by providing these opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and success in life. 

Bringing "truly affordable housing" to Issaquah

YWCA and our Family Village at Issaquah project are featured in the 2010 Issaquah Sustainability Indicators. This brief report demonstrates Issaquah's affordability, as compared with other Eastside cities Redmond and Kirkland, and also points to the importance of increasing the number of affordable rental units in Issaquah and how the city is doing that.

What to expect in September

We have been working on wrapping Building E with tyvek and installing the roofing (which is now 99 percent complete). We have also installed windows on most of the building and will be starting on doors soon.

We will begin siding operations in the next few weeks, beginning with the east side of the building, closest to 9th Place. After that, we’ll be continuing around to the south, then the west and finishing up on the north. After the siders come through, we will have painters working and then we’ll be finishing up with installing exterior sunshades, canopies and roof brackets.

On the lower buildings, framing has begun. The building closest to the quarry is only three stories and will go up quickly. The larger building near the corner of High St. and Highlands includes a lot of steel so we will be working on steel framing the first floor for most of the month.

We have also begun the concrete work for the small community building just west of Building E, which will continue through September.

You may have noticed that we’ve been using 9th Place occasionally for man-lifts to reach the east side of the building. We are continuing to watch the workers to make sure they are utilizing flaggers and causing minimal, if any, disruption.

This month's aerial photo

August happenings

Building E framing is nearly complete. We'll begin installing the roof next week which will be followed by building wrap and siding work. The siding will begin on the west side, then continue clockwise around the building. There may be a small man-lift on the east side of the building on and off but don't anticipate any blockage of the road.

Mid-month we'll be moving the small tower crane from its current location to the southwest side of the site, in preparation for framing the two lower buildings. We're still awaiting a building permit for these buildings, which we're hopeful is coming any day. Once we receive it, you'll begin to see wood and steel framing going up.

Framing continues and floors go up!

Check out these June construction photos...

Moving right along: July update

Things are moving along at the YWCA Family Village project. As you probably noticed, we began framing the easternmost building (Building E) last month. We are working on the top (fourth) floor wall framing this week and should be rolling the roof joists by next week. After that, you’ll see the roof sheathing being nailed down in preparation for the roofing system to be installed in early August.

Also in early August, we’ll be moving the red crane down the hill to begin framing the two lower buildings (Buildings F and L). We are still waiting for a permit to be able to begin framing the lower buildings. But, we’re hoping that it will be issued as early as this week.

In the center of the site, we’ve been moving a lot of dirt around in preparation for the last of the concrete foundations and also to install the sewer and stormwater lines that run north-south through the middle of the project.

As a reminder, even though we've installed the first layer of paving for Ingram Alley, it’s still in the middle of an active jobsite and is not safe for pedestrian/auto traffic. Please continue to walk down High Street to Highlands to access the park and ride. Once the project is complete, you will be able to use the new pedestrian bridge across the site or Ingram Alley.

FVI: Where The Breathin' Is Easy

Photo taken 6.11.10

Family Village Issaquah will be a place where some of our residents will need to take a few deep breaths every now and then. Thanks to the SMR Architects and Walsh Construction, they'll be taking in some of the cleanest indoor air around.

Improving indoor air quality for residents and staff has been an overall project goal from the very beginning. High levels of ventilation will mean low moisture build-up in the units, and every FVI apartment will include a feature to keep the air clean. Examples include ceilings that stretch nine feet or higher, vented hood fans in the kitchens and high-efficiency bathroom exhausts.

Carpets are a major contributor to indoor air pollution, so we've kept our unit floors clean and clear. In addition, the use of low or no-VOC paints, finishes, adhesives and sealants plus formaldehyde-free composite woods will help reduce indoor chemical pollutants to the greatest extent possible.

Winds of change are literally in the air out in the Issaquah Highlands--just one more way FVI will be a model of sustainability for the Pacific Northwest region! 


Framing begins today!

On Friday we received our building permit for the two easternmost buildings (E and L3) so we’re beginning the framing today! This is a big milestone.

The first wall goes up on Building E.

We’ll be framing Building E throughout the rest of June and into July. This Wednesday, we will erect a small tower crane up on the concrete deck. Once the crane is up, we’ll be taking most of the deliveries from the newly-paved Ingram Alley so we don’t anticipate needing to block 9th Place.

There's a wall in the air!

Also in June, we’re finishing up the last of the major utility work, including installing a water line east of Building E. We anticipate paving Ingram Alley through the site mid-month, and then we’ll be moving our jobsite trailer up to the northwest corner of the site, near the quarry.

Beginning the framing is a huge milestone!

On the lower garage, we’ll be continuing with the concrete work. We have one more major concrete pour – the north half of the west garage – which will be smaller than the previous pours. This is currently scheduled for Friday, June 18; but, the work is weather dependent so that date could move. We’ll also be continuing to pour the concrete foundations that are not part of the parking garage structure over the next several weeks and into July on the west half of the site.

Aerial photo taken May 14, 2010.

Join us at the Highlands Days festival on Saturday, June 26. The YWCA, Walsh Construction and Bright Horizons Family Solutions will have an informational booth about the project. We’ll have project photos and plans on display as well as people there to answer your questions.

Energy Efficiency and FVI: A Match Made in the Highlands!

 Photo taken 5/6

The design and architectural teams for Family Village Issaquah have worked hard to ensure that energy efficiency is a constant feature in the complex.

FVI will go above and beyond conservation standards--it's already 27 percent more efficient than local benchmarks!

Everywhere you look in the final plans, there's another energy-saving feature. Here are just a few of the ways Walsh Contruction, SMR Architects and the YWCA are
setting the bar for green construction projects:

  • physical (such as sunshades) and natural shading strategies;
  • devices that balance needed winter heat with unwanted summer heat;
  • highly efficient windows;
  • automatic dimming lighting controls (plus the highest efficiency lighting fixtures feasible);
  • energy efficient elevators; and
  • an Energy Star certified roof.

As you can see from the photo above, the view from FVI will be a naturally beautiful one--and we're doing everything we can to ensure that it stays that way!


Latest aerial and other photos from the site

Aerial photo taken April 14.

The west garage takes shape (taken May 6).

A view of the deck on building F (taken May 6).

What goes around comes around: Recycling at the FVI site

90 percent!

That's the target recycling rate for all construction debris at the Family Village Issaquah site. The YWCA's comprehensive Construction Waste/Recycling Management Plan seeks to achieve this goal in the following ways:

  • Planning and ordering materials carefully
  • Following proper storage/handling procedures to reduce broken and damaged materials
  • Reusing materials wherever possible

Our fearless leaders at Walsh Construction have created a spreadsheet that identifies all of the waste materials generated by the project. The master sheet also lists the disposal method for each material and any specific handling procedures necessary. 

But these recycling rules and regs don't stop with our primary partners. All subcontractors at FVI are also expected to make sure their crews comply with the Waste/Recycling Management Plan.  As each new subcontractor prepares to come on-site, Walsh presents
them with a copy of the Waste/Recycling Management Plan and conducts a tour of recycling areas. 

Responsible Recycling: one more way in which FVI is good for families in need and good for the earth!

One piece post-tension slab

This was a 900.5 cubic-yard pour that had to be continuous as it is a one piece post-tension slab.

The value of the concrete material alone was about $99,000 not to mention the wages of 30 finishers and placers.

There were 91 trucks and we were emptying a truck every 10 to 12 minutes.

It was a huge milestone!

New Views From Above!

Check out these new aerial photos of the FVI site! Talk about laying a great foundation for women and families!

A Community Project From Start to Finish!

The professionals in charge of designing Family Village Issaquah took special care to make sure that the buildings themselves match the character of the Issaquah Highlands. But they didn't stop there.

During the 18-month design process, the opinions, cares and concerns of the Issaquah Highlands community were gauged every step of the way. By serving on key project committees, establishing sustainability goals and participating in open houses, FVI's neighbors demonstrated a deep commitment to preserving the Highlands' unique identity – they also demonstrated a passion for sustainability.

The YWCA and its design team have responded to this eco-friendly mandate by creating three waste streams for FVI residents and visitors: garbage, recycling and food waste. We’ve also conducted two Waste Management “Charrettes” that have included representatives from the City of Issaquah, King County, Bright Horizons and current YWCA residents to provide input on the best ways to introduce users to green living.

FVI is already bringing community members together. . .and the doors haven't even opened yet!


The Soaker!

Trucks pass through this Soaker on their way out of the job site to keep the streets of Issaquah Highlands clean!

What's Next? An update from FVI's Project Manager

Check out this update from our FVI Project Manager, Elizabeth Rinehart:

Welcome to spring! It certainly doesn’t feel like it this week but we’re hopeful that it’s just around the corner. Although we’re not really involved in the Net Zero project, you might have noticed that there’s been some movement over there this week. The builder (Howland Homes) has posted “No Parking” signs and we hear that they are planning to officially start on April 1.
This is what will be going on at the YWCA project this month:
Week of 4/5 – We’ll be continuing to install the reinforcement and plumbing for the floor of the building above the East Garage (which is called Building E).  The concrete work is very weather dependent and the weather does not look so great this next week but we’re hoping to pour the concrete floor of Building E around 4/8.  On the west garage, we’ll be shooting the long concrete wall of the garage near Highlands Drive on Monday or Tuesday.
Week of 4/12 – We have scheduled PSE to install their electrical vaults and main gas/electrical conduits along Ingram Alley this week.  There will be digging right up to the existing Ingram Rd, on the NW corner of your building, where they will tie in to the existing underground power and gas.  Also this week we will be pouring a concrete foundation for a small self-erecting crane, which we will be installing just north of our trailer near the East Garage.  In the West Garage, we will be working on underground plumbing & placing rock in preparation for pouring the garage slab.
Week of 4/19 – We’ll be pouring the west garage floor slab this week and starting to work on the concrete in the area south of the West Garage, near High Street.  In Ingram Alley, the PSE work should be complete and we’re hoping to install the first layer of asphalt paving. The other activity this week will be connecting the water mains on our site to the water mains in Ingram near the NW corner of your building.  Because there is no shut off valve installed in the street, we will actually need to turn off the water to your building for a short period of time (like up to 4 hours) to make the connection.  Robert Coroner, the Utility Inspector with the City of Issaquah, will be sending you an official notification at least a week before the water shut off will occur.   

We are planning to do the shut off in the middle of the day, probably something like 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM and during that time we will be coordinating with the fire marshal to do a fire watch since the sprinkler system will not be working. We’ll do everything we can to make this as painless as possible and this is the only interruption in water service that we expect during the project.
Week of 4/26 – This week we will start installing shoring in the West Garage in preparation for forming the garage ceiling.  We will also be erecting the crane to get ready for framing to begin on Building E.  Lastly, we will continue the installation of the water main between the East Garage and the roadway.  This water main connects into the water main on the SW corner of your building near the Net Zero site and as such there will not be any water shut offs necessary to make that connection.
As always, please feel free to let me know of any issues or questions you have about the project. Thanks!

Elizabeth Rinehart, LEED AP

Walsh Construction Co./WA

FVI Sustainable Design: Green From the Ground Up!

 Aerial photo taken March 15

Family Village Issaquah will be a great asset to East King County. But, did you know it will also be one of the most environmentally friendly structures in our region?

When completed, every aspect of FVI will showcase the Northwest's passion for environmental consciousness.

Water use is just one of the many ways FVI will serve as an excellent example of sustainability. The facility is designed to reuse rainwater for 100 percent of on-site
irrigation needs. . .talk about making use of those rainy days!

The complex has also been designed to help FVI residents make environmentally sound choices.
A wide variety of Energy Star rated appliances, including low flow faucets and showerheads, washing machines and dual flush toilets will all make giving back to the earth as simple as putting in a load of laundry.

FVI will make a huge impact on our region--without making a harmful impact on our environment.


What's going on this month

We’ve been enjoying the benefits of the spring-like weather these last couple months but as you may have noticed, it only takes a little bit of rain to make the site very muddy. 

Thus, we’re looking forward to getting some concrete slabs poured and asphalt roads placed this month. 

Here’s our schedule of events:  

Last week: Installing the rock base for the east garage floor then we will begin installing the rebar in preparation for pouring the concrete slab. In the west garage, we will continue to work our way west and north, pouring foundations, walls and columns.

This week: We’ll be pouring the concrete floor slab for the east garage on Wednesday 3/10, weather permitting. It sounds like the Daily Journal of Commerce is interested in coming out to photographs the pour so we may get a little publicity for the project. On the west garage, we’ll be continuing to form up, tie rebar, pour concrete then take down the formwork and do it all over again on the next section, working our way around the whole garage. At the north end of the site, we’ll start building keystone retaining walls in preparation for grading & paving Ingram Alley.  

Week of 3/15: At the east garage, we’ll start installing the shoring on top of the floor slab to prepare for the PT deck (which is an elevated concrete slab that will be the ceiling of the garage & the floor of first floor living units). By the end of the week, we’ll be putting down plywood over the shoring, which will be the bottom of the formwork for the PT deck. In the west garage, we’ll be continuing to pour foundations, columns & walls. Depending on PSE’s schedule, we’ll be installing the electrical and gas lines to the site, which will run down the future Ingram Alley. Once we get them to come out, we’ll pave Ingram Alley from 9th /10th Place to Highlands, possibly this week.  

Week of 3/22: In the east garage, we will still be laying down the plywood decking and we’ll start laying out and marking all the building walls. In the west garage, we’ll be forming and pouring the last of the walls this week and we will have the plumbers working on the underground drains & pipe. Depending on PSE’s schedule, we may be paving Ingram this week.  

Week of 3/29: We will start to install the rebar, cables and sleeves for plumbing at the east garage PT deck, in preparation for pouring the deck the next week. In the west garage, we’ll be working on underground plumbing and electrical. Depending on PSE’s schedule, we may be paving Ingram this week.

On a sunny day in Issaquah Highlands

Aerial photo of the site taken February 15

Family Village at Issaquah is being built on a piece of property that was previously mined. Located directly adjacent to a 1,000-stall Park and Ride it is considered a transit-oriented development. Because the Park and Ride provides connections throughout the region, it will reduce the need for private vehicles.

This allowed us to limit surface parking to the perimeter of the site and create central open spaces for pedestrians. Pedestrian connections into and through the site, courtyards and plazas welcome both residents and visitors. 

Pedestrians will be linked to the Park and Ride via a bridge, creating an integral transition between the existing residential portion of Issaquah Highlands and future retail and services, which will include: a grocery store, movie theatre, hospital, offices and retail within a quarter mile.

More and more concrete
Aerial photo of the site taken January 17

We had a run of good weather and were able to move along really quickly pouring the concrete footings, walls and columns in both parking garages this month.

About mid-month, most of the walls and columns on the east garage will be complete and you’ll start to see the trenches dug for the underground plumbing and electrical.

We’re currently planning an early-March concrete pour for the east garage floor slab, pending weather conditions. We will continue to stage the pumper trucks and concrete trucks on the site rather than on the road for these pours.

The other work that's been continuing this month is the utility installation in Ingram Alley. We’ll install rock and concrete walls on the north side of the road by mid-month and continue with all the underground utility work. By early March, we’re hoping to put down the first layer of asphalt paving for Ingram Alley.

Photos from the site

Reinforced Wall

Dodging mud puddles

Despite the rain, construction is underway at the YWCA Family Village at Issaquah project. During January, most of the digging for the two underground parking garages took place and the concrete crews began work on the foundations for the east garage. 

Throughout February, concrete work will continue: the concrete walls and columns of the parking garages will be formed up and poured and foundation work will begin for the west parking garage. 

On the north side of the site (near the quarry), we will install a temporary asphalt road, which will eventually become a permanent road connecting Ingram to the east with Highlands Drive to the west.

First aerial photo of the future Family Village!
KCHA's Executive Director Stephen Norman talks up the YW
Bonds sold today

$13 million in tax exempt bonds were sold today, with Wachovia Bank/Wells Fargo acting as the underwriter.

Thanks to King County Housing Authority (KCHA) for issuing the bonds and working very closely with us on a daily basis to ensure the bonds were issued before year-end. KCHA staff has gone above and beyond in meeting tight deadlines, providing expertise and advice and facilitating this issuance. 

As our CEO Sue Sherbrooke said in a November e-mail to KCHA Executive Director Stephen Norman: "This is an amazing project, and it wouldn’t be possible without great folks like KCHA on the team."

Once built, KCHA will provide 26 project-based Section 8 vouchers at Family Village Issaquah – enabling 26 families to pay rent directly proportionate to their income. The rental subsidy will also provide revenue to support ongoing property operations.

KCHA is an important partner for the YWCA on several projects, including: Anita Vista (our confidential domestic violence shelter), Passage Point Re-entry Services, our YWCA Learning Center at Greenbridge and the bond issuance for 220 apartments in Snohomish County purchased in 2007.

Groundbreaking events

Two groundbreaking events on Monday, December 7 signaled the start of construction. Despite the bitter cold, more than a hundred partners and supporters showed up at Issaquah Highlands to celebrate progress on this long-awaited development, including:

L-R, standing next to a tree symbolizing the new community, decorated with ribbons symbolizing those who have helped move it along: Alan Boeker, Port Blakely Communities, Charlene Blethen, YWCA Board Chair, Jackie MacLean, King County, Mayor Ava Frisinger, City of Issaquah, Sue Sherbrooke, YWCA, Mary Anne Eng, YWCA Board.

A second event was held that afternoon at Blakely Hall for residents and community members. Pastor Ryan Fletcher of Our Savior Lutheran Church, and an IH resident, attended. He said, “The project strikes me as a tremendous step toward establishing housing that is affordable for a much greater range of incomes. It makes me happy to think that standards of justice and compassion will be more visibly present in my community in the days ahead.”

2.4 acres
Yesterday the YWCA successfully closed on the land conveyance through Port Blakely Communities and the City of Issaquah. The value of the 2.4 acres of land and in-kind support is valued at $7 million.
Issaquah Press announces YWCA groundbreaking
By Warren Kagarise
"Officials will break ground early next month on a long-planned YWCA apartment complex in the Issaquah Highlands, a project hailed by city planners as a key piece of the highlands’ urban village concept."
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Groundbreaking on December 7
Getting underway this winter, construction will employ more than 400 people over a two-year period. We will be celebrating our groundbreaking in early December and look forward to inviting you to our 2011 grand opening!