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king county jobs

KCJI serves ex-offenders with employment
re-entry services and targeted job training including construction, environmental, culinary, manufacturing and others.

KCJI helps clients find full time permanent jobs to help reduce the recidivism rate in King County.

Job Seeker Services
The King County Jobs Initiative (KCJI) helps low-income adults prepare for, find, and keep living-wage jobs. Our focus is on providing job training in employment areas that have the most potential for wage growth. We also assist with job placement and supportive services (transportation, childcare, etc.) to ensure the client's long-term success. Find out more on King County's web site.

Employer Services
The KCJI also works closely with employers to place skilled workers in targeted industries. Additionally, it supports employers in developing customized training to address shortages of skilled workers.

Criminal Justice Workforce Development
The KCJI plays a major role in the county's Criminal Justice Workforce Development Initiative by providing employment and training services to ex-offenders. Over the next two years, we will be serving an increasing number of ex-offenders each year. Our goal is that by the end of 2010, 100% of KCJI clients served will be offenders/ex-offenders.