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rebecca's story:

When your children are taken, the loss is indescribable.

rebeccaAfter Rebecca lost her three daughters to CPS (Child Protective Services), she descended into a vicious cycle of drug use and crime.

It seems like a miracle that just two and a half years later, Rebecca is clean, a full-time mother and beginning to save for a house of her own.

She takes responsibility for her actions and admits to bad choices. But, Rebecca also had some hard early turns of fate: an abusive ex-husband and CPS reports related to domestic violence.

Rebecca was on the verge of losing her parental rights when she met Argelia Grassfield and entered the YWCA’s Project Reunite program.

The memory is still painful. Tears in her voice she said, “If it wasn’t for Argelia, I wouldn’t have my kids and I wouldn’t have a home. This is an opportunity for me to make a new life – to have a life.”

Within months of moving into a Project Reunite apartment, Rebecca began working with CPS to bring her girls home.

She met with Argelia twice a week, started counseling and took classes in budgeting, single parenting, overcoming domestic violence and even cooking.

“Argelia,” Rebecca said, “helped guide me. It’s hard to focus when you have so much to do.”

But Argelia provided much more than guidance. She knew Rebecca couldn’t qualify for food stamps, even though her daughters were living with her five days a week. So, she’d bring over groceries, cakes on birthdays, food baskets and gifts at the holidays.

She came to every CPS meeting and was in constant contact, informing them of Rebecca’s progress.

In February, Rebecca became the legal guardian of her two youngest daughters. Then, in June her oldest daughter came home. Together they moved into a rental house, which Argelia helped them secure by writing a letter of recommendation to the landlord.

How does it feel to be a family again? “So great.”