GET HELP 24 hours a day:

In King County, dial 2-1-1 

Downtown Seattle

Central Seattle

East King County





Angeline's Seattle
The Willows
East Cherry Branch


South King County:

Emergency Shelter
for Families


Snohomish County:

Motel Voucher Program
Pathways for Women Shelter



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overnight shelters:

For at least 10,000 people in King and Snohomish Counties, YWCA is one of the largest providers of emergency shelter for homeless women and families in our region.

Most of us know where we’ll sleep tonight. It won’t be in a parked car at the end of a dark street in Lynnwood or under a bridge in Downtown Seattle. Or on the couch of a different friend every night, with all of our children’s belongings stuffed in two overnight bags. It will be safe, warm and clean, and it will be "ours."

The YWCA has multiple emergency shelter facilities in the throughout King and Snohomish Counties. Our programs help families meet basic survival needs with housing, crisis intervention, counseling and community resource referral services, as well as access to health care, food, clothing and transportation at no charge. Our services are available for single or two-parent families. Our shelters are several living units suitable for various family sizes. Some facilities can house single women with up to two children, while others accommodate larger families.

Families should be at or below 30% of Median Income, have valid identification for all members of the family, and have no convictions that include violent crimes.

In order to be placed in King County emergency housing, you must call 2-1-1 for Family Housing Connections to be scheduled for a screening appointment.