Contacts & Location:

King County Regional Director of Children & Youth Programs
Eric Buley

GirlsFirst Program Manager II
Makini Magee

STEAM Applied Mathematics Coordinator
Emily Tormey

STEAM Arts & Social-Emotional Coordinator
Akua Kariamu

STEAM Science Coordinator
Francis Nguyen

Alvirita Little Center

708 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Seattle, WA 98122

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Wish List
Laptops - 8 to 10 
Robotics kits
Lego robotics kits
Science kits
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We're looking for teachers with knowledge in arts and fitness for communities of color. Contact us if you're interested.

YWCA GirlsFirst


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women of color advisory group


Are you a professional woman of color? Consider joining the Women of Color Advisory Group. This group works to help secure internships that are focused on college, community college, or high paid manufacturing; and mentor our girls as they engage in those internships. Contact us if you’re interested.



GirlsFirst is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) program designed for female identified youth of color from 8th-12th grade, with a focus on 9th grade support. Our STEAM education is through the lens of a person of color, designed to support our youth from a social emotional, communication, written, verbal, artistic, and experiential space in STEAM.

YWCA GirlsFirst

The mission of YWCA GirlsFirst creates a love for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics while developing leadership skills in an encouraging female, people of color-based community. GirlsFirst offers the following activities throughout the school year:

  • After-School STEAM Project-Based Learning & Homework Help (also offered at Cleveland, Franklin, Rainier Beach, Garfield high schools)
  • STEAM Summer Camp (July 10 – September 1)
  • STEAM Summer Internships
  • STEAM Field Trips

This program is open to girls of color who have the desire and potential for leadership and excellence within the Seattle area.

Interested? Please complete and submit the GirlsFirst application.

All GirlsFirst programming use a racially equitable lens to help youth become successful in college and high paid manufacturing workplaces.

After School STEAM lab

This after-school program is where high school female-identified youth of color can learn about people of color who have contributed to science and technology. This program has an arts, writing, and communication component with social and emotional learning around STEM.

The after-school program occurs Monday-Thursday at the YWCA Alvirita Little Center (708 Martin Luther King Jr. Way) and weekly at four Seattle high schools:

  • Monday: Franklin High School
  • Tuesday: Cleveland High School
  • Wednesday: Rainier Beach High School
  • Thursday: Garfield High School

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STEAM Summer Camp

July 10 – September 1

This FREE camp is specifically for female-identified youth of color, entering 9th-12th grade in the fall. All youth with 75%+ attendance at the camp will receive a $150 stipend at the end of the program. The camp is designed to create readiness for our POC youth in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

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STEAM Summer Internships

This internship is for youth 16 and older. These are paid summer internships in STEAM spaces.

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Advisory Groups

This program has a number of advisory groups including:

Parent Advisory Group: parents and caregivers of program participants and alumni meet monthly to review curriculum and provide input on the programming of GirlsFirst

Women of Color Advisory Group: female-identified professionals of color in STEAM fields work to create internship opportunities for the youth and to review curriculum for the program

Youth Advisory Group: GirlsFirst participants and alumni meet monthly to review curriculum and provide input about programming