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GirlsFirst Internship Overview


ywca girlsfirst:

Encourages leadership, instills confidence, develops skills, and provides opportunities to girls of color.

YWCA GirlsFirst

The mission of YWCA GirlsFirst is to encourage leadership, instill confidence, develop skills and provide opportuntities to girls of color.

This is a year-long intensive leadership program that starts the summer before freshman year. Activities include:

  • Three-week Summer Leadership Academy
  • Overnight weekend retreat at Seattle Universtiy
  • Weekly afterschool homework sessions
  • Monthly Leadership in Action days

After their freshman year, GirlsFirst alumnae are encouraged to continue participation and offered more opportunities to develop their skills, including:

  • Tutoring
  • Mentorship
  • Paid summer internships

This program is open to all girls who have the desire and potential for leadership and excellence, but is specifically designed to serve girls of color who face social and economic barriers to success. 

Interested students should complete and submit the GirlsFirst application. Staff will contact applicants to set-up an interview. Before the program begins, there will also be a visit with family members, in order to build relationships and answer any questions that parents may have.

Internship providers needed! 

We are looking for businesses or nonprofit organizations that would like to employ a GirlsFirst summer intern. Read more about this program and contact us to confirm your interest by April 4, 2014.

Call (206.709.7408) or email (trandall@ywcaworks.org) Tamarack Randall for details.

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Coffee shop turning into community booster
The Seattle Times | August 2, 2013
Starbucks is transforming its popular Central District cafe into a community store that will share a portion of sales with YWCA GirlsFirst and Young Parent Program

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How to change the future (and yourself) as a GirlsFirst mentor
Empowered Newsletter | April 2013
The YWCA sat down with GirlsFirst participant, Luz, and her mentor, Esperanza, to talk about how mentorship changed them both for the better.

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Confidence and possibility: GirlsFirst Graduate shares her story
Tsewone Melaku says she was a "quiet, little person" before she got involved in YWCA GirlsFirst. Find out how the Summer Leadership Academy, mentoring, internships and more made a positive impact on her life.
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Constructive summer for GirlsFirst intern
West Seattle Herald | September 7, 2010
15-year-old Michiko Yoshino was hired by Skanska for a summer internship through GirlsFirst, and her supervisor said it was the company that hit the jackpot when the motivated teen clocked in.

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