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Client Data Analyst

REPORTS TO: Client Data Information Systems Manager

LOCATION: YWCA Fifth and Seneca


The Client Data Analyst is the lead for agency-wide client data reporting and analysis through a lens of race and social justice. The Analyst assists in administering YWCA’s client database, ClientTrack, designs and implements customized ClientTrack reports, queries, and workflows, runs reports and queries from the King County HMIS database, and collaborates with program staff to determine data collection, measurement and analysis processes. The Analyst also extracts and compiles data from multiple data sources, supports staff in meeting data collection and reporting requirements, and uses data to advance racial equity.

This position has a social justice component that will require critical thinking around how the external systems impact the work that we are doing through the lens of racism and intersections with poverty. Knowing the core principals of antiracism work and grounding those principles in everyday work, as well as working well in non-white environments and championing anti-racism policy, are required job skills and core values. As an equal opportunity employer, we highly encourage people of color to apply.


We are a small team of data specialists who build and maintain data infrastructure, ensure data quality, and work to make data collection and analysis open and accessible to all, in order to advance YWCA’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women. We value transparency, accountability, collaboration, and self-directed learning, in a supportive but fast-paced environment.


Social Justice

  • Exhibit ongoing commitment to YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women, and view all practices, policies and responsibilities through a racial equity lens
  • Implement all work by incorporating YWCA’s Social Justice Initiative and understanding how racism, sexism, classism and other oppressions intersect and are embedded in all institutions and systems. Recognize that solving racism is the root of how we understand and heal from these “–isms.”
  • Continue search for understanding of racial, gender and class equity
  • Understand where internalized oppressions (superiority and inferiority) play a role in staff, client, and volunteer interactions, and learn ways to address these oppressions from a solutions-based perspective. Understand how racism has played a role in defining what respect and dignity is and use racial equity and multiracial perspectives when teaming with staff, volunteers, and clients.
  • Adhere to all Volunteer Services protocol relative to volunteer usage, recognition and monitoring. Work alongside volunteers, where applicable. Assure that volunteers are treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, ethnic background, gender or socioeconomic background. 


  • Collaborate with staff to make data collection, analysis, and reporting transparent, accessible, and client-centered across the agency
  • Lead agency-wide data analysis and reporting projects; analyze, research and present client data and data analysis reports to program staff, funders, and others, while applying a race and social justice lens to both qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Design and implement customized reports, queries and workflows in ClientTrack, the agency’s client data management system; collaborate with program staff to determine and define data metrics and develop data collection tools and guidelines
  • Build relationships and review data analysis results with program staff; evaluate and make improvements to data collection and analysis processes
  • Manage various United Way of King County agency projects, including quarterly and annual outcome reporting, data analysis, demographic reports, and funding applications
  • Develop and maintain documentation for database customizations, data analysis and reporting, data collection processes, and agency-wide data projects
  • Identify and resolve client database software issues, assist with quality assurance testing, analyze and evaluate systems, and identify and recommend potential system improvements
  • Acts as back-up liaison for the King County HMIS system, including attending meetings, uploading data, providing reports, and other support as needed
  • Cross-train with IT staff; provide up to 5 hours/week of technical support to YWCA staff
  • Perform other duties as assigned


Working on a customized ClientTrack report or workflow; compiling and analyzing data for an agency-wide project; attending a race and social justice training or event; learning a new Excel function/formula and basking in the glory; figuring out the root issue in a broken query or report (so satisfying!); listening intently to program managers in order to translate their requirements into data fields and custom data entry forms; putting up with terrible puns; writing documentation; enjoying lots of focused work time with occasional impromptu karaoke in the office.


  • Any combination of experience and training which provides the knowledge, skills, and ability required to perform this work, which could include, but is not limited to: one or more years of data analysis experience, two to three years of database management or data reporting experience, and/or an associate or bachelor’s degree in social work administration, public administration, sociology, interdisciplinary studies or other related field
  • Strong listening and communication skills, particularly the ability to discern data/analysis needs and convey technical  information to non-technical audiences
  • Demonstrated ability to work with the public, clients, and staff, including people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds, while maintaining a strong customer service focus
  • Ability to work effectively to deadlines while managing multiple projects; experience identifying project tasks and goals and prioritizing work as needed to ensure project progress
  • Enjoys independent learning, problem solving, and collaboration
  • Interest in and ability to learn querying and data management using SQL
  • Knowledge of/ ability to learn relational database management system design, implementation, operation and maintenance, particularly SQL Server
  • Demonstrated understanding of the intersection of racism and poverty
  • Experience working with communities of color
  • Core Competencies: Social Justice Advocacy, Analytical Thinking, Customer Service, Problem Solving, Technical Expertise

PHYSICAL DEMANDS OF THIS POSITION: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an individual to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.  In performing this position, the employee:

  • Continuously exchanges information through listening and talking with agency staff, representatives of community organizations and other individuals in the community
  • Frequently stands, walks, sits, and climbs in performing duties in the office and in traveling to off-site meetings
  • Frequently reaches and grasps in using telephones, computers, and other office equipment and supplies
  • Occasionally lifts and carries up to 10 lbs.
  • Occasionally kneels, bends, pushes and pulls in obtaining files from drawers
  • Occasionally maneuvers around and/or under desks in sometimes tight and dirty locations\

*Continuously = Over 80% of the time * Frequently = 20-80% * Occasionally = Under 20%


  • 40 hours per week
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Classification:  Non-Exempt
  • Salary: DOE
  • Excellent benefit package including medical insurance, retirement plan, plus generous vacation, holiday and sick leave plans
  • At the time of hire, employees may choose to voluntarily enroll in the Fidelity 403b Plan.  Typically after two years of employment, employees are eligible to participate in the YWCA Retirement Fund

TO APPLY:  Please submit your resume and cover letter to and include where you found this posting in your application (for HR purposes only).

CLOSING DATE:  This position will remain open until filled, however applications received by Friday, March 31st will be given priority.  

YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish is an Equal Opportunity Employer