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Front Desk Receptionist

REPORTS TO: Customer Service and Client Support Manager

LOCATION: YWCA Seneca (1118 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101) and other locations as assigned


YWCA is looking for committed, flexible, and skilled problem solvers to join our team. We need passionate individuals who can listen to customer service matters and direct them to the appropriate department. The successful candidates will have a strong understanding of the YWCA’s customer service policies, and be well-trained in resources and de-escalation techniques that can be critical for offering quick and accurate assistance to customers.

Front Desk Receptionists at YWCA are officially titled Resident, Guest and Client Support Specialists due to the breadth of people they serve. RGC Support Specialists are responsible for providing high quality, culturally-responsive, and consistent in-person and by-phone customer service to all residents, clients, guests, staff, volunteers, donors, and community members in a diverse and busy environment.  Service includes providing simple referrals to YWCA programs and to community resources as needed.  This position also acts as a first responder to emergency situations on site; the YWCA Seneca building is the main afterhours emergency call center for YWCA residents.

The RGC Support Specialist may be the first YWCA person who guests and clients meet. Strong interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, patience, and a professional appearance are extremely important.

Full and part-time positions are available, to be hired on a temporary basis with the potential to move to permanent. The front desk is open 24/7 – weekend, morning and swing shift coverage is needed. Please include your specific availability in your application, including how many hours per week you are interested in working.

This position has a social justice component that requires critical thinking through the lens of racism and intersections with poverty. Knowing the core principals of antiracism and grounding those principles in everyday work are required job skills and core values. As an equal opportunity employer, we highly encourage people of color to apply.


Customer Service:

  • Greets residents, guests and clients, answers questions about various YWCA programs with a positive and professional attitude
  • Answers all incoming calls, directing them to appropriate departments and takes messages
  • Maintains calm, caring and professional demeanor at all times, especially during stressful situations
  • Communicates effectively and appropriately in a diverse environment:
    • Maintains confidentiality, discretion and professionalism by not discussing residents, guests, staff or clients with others
    • Maintains proper relationship boundaries
  • Answers incoming customer calls and in person inquiries regarding all resources and services offered by the YWCA
  • Incorporate the YWCA’s Social Justice Initiative by understanding how racism, sexism, classism and other oppressions intersect and are embedded in institutions.
  • Continues search for understanding of racial, gender, and class equity
  • Treats all guests, residents, staff, clients and  volunteers with respect and dignity regardless of race, ethnic background, gender or socioeconomic background
  • Adheres to all Volunteer Services protocol relative to volunteer usage, recognition and monitoring.  Works alongside volunteers, where applicable
  • Use the lens of social justice to review policies and procedures.

Emergency Response:

  • Understands and regularly uses the Emergency E-Book Troubleshoot Manual
  • Carries out appropriate and vital communications in a timely manner
  • Responds to crisis by providing concise and accurate information to resolve the crisis which may involve contacting appropriate YWCA staff
  • Follows emergency response guidelines, policies, and procedures including:
    • Communicating with designated staff as needed to ensure emergency response happens quickly
    • Completing incident reports as required and accurately
    • Filling out required Emergency Resident Call forms and distributing as directed 

Safety Monitoring:

  • Checks in overnight visitors of residents and has resident fill out appropriate forms
  • Checks in visitors with appropriate ID, record information legibly on visitor list
  • Maintains confidentiality of all residents and clients by not giving out any information without Supervisor approval
  • Monitors activity in the lobby area and on cameras throughout the building and enforces policies regarding building and resident safety
  • Monitors women and men’s bathroom keys (keeping them behind the desk)
  • Provides access to residents, guest and clients in accordance with the established guidelines and policies

Administrative Duties:

  • Records all pertinent information in log book, and emails case managers, apartment managers, directors, or others as needed
  • Assists in maintaining required supplies and forms
  • Sorts and accurately distributes staff and client mail
  • Understands and follows all policies in the RGC Support  Specialist policy manual as well as other YWCA Manuals
  • Update customer information as needed.
  • Attention to detail

Client Referral and Resources:

  • Recognizes residents who receive Shelter services and report issues to case manager as needed regarding the welfare of these clients
  • Provides necessary services and referrals when Shelter case manager is not available
  • Ability to de-escalate conflicts or crises in the lobby area between residents and other community members and direct them to appropriate staff who can provide next steps
  • Performs other duties as assigned


  • Ability to work with the public, residents, and people in crisis; minimum 1 year of experience working in a social services setting preferred
  • Ability to work as part of a team, with a positive customer service approach
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to maintain calm, caring and professional demeanor (especially in stressful situations)
  • Demonstrated ability to interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds
  • Knowledgeable of social services & resources in Seattle & King County area.
  • Basic computer literacy with ability to use Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Sharepoint.
  • Ability to listen and respond appropriately to customers’ needs and concerns
  • Able to handle complaints effectively.
  • Demonstrated ability to record details of client interaction.
  • Proven ability to determine answers and solutions quickly.
  • Special talent to de-escalate situations.
  • Demonstrated use of healthy boundaries
  • Ability to follow through task that are given
  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines
  • Core competencies expected: Attention-to-detail, reliability, collaboration and partnership, customer service, ethics and integrity, fostering diversity, race & social justice advocacy, planning and organizing, problem solving, professionalism, caring, communication: oral and written, technical expertise, interpersonal skills, stress management, crisis management


  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Two references including one from a previous employer preferred

PHYSICAL DEMANDS OF THIS POSITION: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an individual to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. In performing this position, the employee:

  • Continuous use of speech, hearing and sight abilities in performing job duties
  • Continuously repetitive use of hands and wrists and frequent fingering, handling, grasping and reaching in using computers, telephones, fax machines and other office equipment
  • Continuously sitting, often for extended periods while performing desktop activities
  • Continuously walking to other departments and occasional standing in performing duties
  • Frequent lifting and carrying of up to 5 lbs. of paperwork and files
  • Frequently bends and stoops while obtaining files in lower drawers
  • Ability to frequently move about the facility using the stairs and in emergent situations able to move about the facility quickly following emergency protocols.

* Continuously over 80% time; Frequently 20-80% time; and Occasionally under 20% time


  • $15-18 per hour DOE
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Classification: Non- Exempt
  • Temporary full and part-time positions available, with the potential to move to permanent.
  • Shifts Available
    • Mon through Thursday (Swing Shift) 3 to 11pm
    • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Swing Shift) 3 to 11pm
    • Saturday and Sunday (Mornings Shift) 6 to 2pm
  • At the time of hire, employees may choose to voluntarily enroll in the Fidelity 403b Plan.  Typically after two years of employment, employees are eligible to participate in the YWCA Retirement Fund. 

TO APPLY:Please send cover letter and resume to Please include your specific availability in your application, including how many hours per week you are interested in working.

CLOSING DATE: Open until filled.

The YWCA of Seattle | King | Snohomish is an Equal Opportunity Employer