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CareerWork$ Medical Instructor Manager


REPORTS TO: Director of Economic Empowerment


POSITIONS: 1 Full Time position (40 hours /week)


CareerWork$ TM Medical is a career training program established by The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation that provides low-income job seekers access to high demand, entry level, non-clinical health care positions with career mobility and benefits at hospitals and clinics.. The 8-week training program includes in-class replication of workplace expectations, extensive soft-skills focus, review of industry rules and regulations, and intensive customer service training. Program participants will also receive career navigation assistance and graduation will culminate in a hiring event with all employer partners including partner hospitals. Post-placement coaching and support will also be provided.

The curriculum includes:

  • Healthcare 101
  • Communication, assessment and triage skills
  • Understanding of hospital structure, insurance procedures, and electronic medical records
  • Patients’ rights and responsibilities
  • Medical terminology, medical coding and billing procedures, and medical ethics
  • Registration and admission
  • Introduction to Medicaid, Medicare, and HMO’s
  • HIPPA regulations, patient confidentiality, sensitivity and privacy
  • HIV/AIDS training
  • Abuse, neglect, and exploitation training
  • Understanding the dynamics of diversity, inclusion, implicit bias, and cultural competency
  • Basic office procedures including phone etiquette and scheduling appointments
  • Microsoft Office
  • Safety and emergency preparedness
  • Processing of patient payments and collection of required insurance information 

This position’s primary responsibility is to provide training sessions and coaching to participants of the program utilizing existing curriculum and training materials. This position’s secondary responsibility is to provide management of the YWCA CareerWork$TM Medical program including day-to-day leadership and supervision of program staff and program development as this program transitions from its initial pilot year. This positon will also work closely with funders, partners, and staff to align and update teaching material and curriculum updates, develop and implement activities and services that enhance the program, provide direction around marketing and event planning, seek feedback from partners and participants to make program improvements, and to make other program changes as needed and approved by the department director and program funders and stakeholders.

This position will work with the YWCA and other partners to recruit, evaluate and screen candidates for program enrollment and to assist students in identifying strengths to overcome barriers leading to graduation and employment. This position will also be responsible for updating and developing the program curriculum, developing and maintaining relationships with hospital recruiters and hiring personnel and working with community partners like WorkSource, YWCA, DSHS, and other entities.

This position has a social justice component that will require critical thinking around how external systems impact the work that we are doing through the lens of racism and intersections with poverty. Knowing the core principals of anti-racism work and grounding those principles in everyday work, as well as working well in non-white environments and championing anti-racism policy, are required job skills and core values. As an equal opportunity employer, we highly encourage people of color to apply.                             



  • Manages the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the program, including recruitment, assessment, instruction, career navigation, curriculum development, graduation and hiring event planning, and other career development services
  • Participates in program development, including developing and updating curriculum, convening advisory meetings and roundtables,  and seeking out new opportunities for program growth
  • Develops, maintains, and monitors program budgets ensuring that expenses do not exceed board-approved revenue
  • Recruits, hires, trains, supervises and directs all program staff and volunteers
  • Provides hands-on direction and support to program staff to ensure smooth operation of program and to ensure that staff follow agency policies and procedures, and external regulation
  • Gives performance appraisals and monitors employee performance including work plans and plans for career development and growth


  • Coordinate with YWCA CareerWork$TM Medical team and the YWCA Economic Empowerment department to market the program to low income disadvantaged communities through partnerships with WorkSource, community based organizations (CBOs), health care organizations, DSHS, and others
  • Screen applicants for program eligibility utilizing the CareerWork$™ Medical screening standards and based on eligibility for hire by Puget Sound hospitals and clinics
  • Coordinate with The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation and other funder partners including City of Seattle and sponsoring hospitals to ensure that curriculum is being delivered in a way that meets program and partner standards


  • Utilize CareerWork$™ Medical curriculum materials to deliver 8-week job training classes responsive to the needs of the health care industry
  • Prepare graduates for non-clinical hospital and healthcare positions including Patient Services Specialist, Contact Center Representative, Patient Financial Services Specialist, Patient Appointment Specialist, Program Coordinator, Registrar, Clinic Services Representative, and Referral Coordinator
  • Stay current on the healthcare industry through professional development, partner feedback, advisory meetings, and industry publications
  • Plan and organize instruction to maximize student learning and modify instructional methods and strategies, where appropriate, to meet diverse student’s needs
  • Use technology to enhance teaching and educational experience of students
  • Coordinate guest speaker presentations in the classroom
  • Evaluate student performance fairly and consistently and return student work promptly to promote
    maximum learning
  • Work closely with program partners and funders to align teaching material with industry needs and incorporate curriculum updates, additions and changes


  • Maintain accurate records of student progress in client files and make readily available to program manager and funders upon request
  • Maintain accurate documentation on all program activities, including recruitment, enrollment, classroom performance, graduation, hires, wage progression, and retention at 6 and 12 months
  • Coordinate with CareerWork$™ Medical Career Navigator, Program Manager, and program funder to produce and submit regular monthly performance reports


  • Assist participants with: resume and cover letter preparation; completion of paper and on-line job applications; interview preparation, and follow up communications with hospitals and healthcare employers
  • Coordinate with career navigator to assist participants in identifying strengths to overcome barriers that lead to successful completion of program and employment through one-on-one coaching during course of program
  • Conduct a structured participant follow-up effort in coordination with Career Navigator to provide appropriate coaching and support to maximize job retention of placed participants
  • Provide financial support services as needed following program and agency protocol


  • Promote candidacy of program participants for placement at hospitals and healthcare institutions
  • Build relationships with healthcare industry partners to develop job opportunities for students and graduates
  • Collaborate with community based organizations (CBO’s), community colleges, DSHS, WorkSource and others to market the program


  • Incorporate the YWCA’s Social Justice Initiative by understanding how racism, sexism, classism and other oppressions intersect and are embedded in institutions.
  • Continue search for understanding of racial, gender and class equity.
  • Adhere to all Volunteer Services protocol relative to volunteer usage, recognition and monitoring.
  • Assure that clients, staff, volunteers and community partners are treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, ethnic background, gender or socioeconomic background.


  • Deliver services at other locations as needed
  • Other assigned duties


  • Bachelor’s degree in social services, social work, education, or related field desired. An equivalent combination of experience and education will be considered
  • Two to three years of demonstrated experience required performing work related to client recruitment and enrollment, classroom instruction, career assessment and planning, support services, occupational training, workplace readiness, job placement, records maintenance and outcomes reporting
  • Minimum two years classroom instruction experience required
  • Knowledge of the hospital and healthcare industry required
  • Additional experience in program coordination, training delivery, job development, and program development strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of strength-based, client-centered practices preferred
  • Knowledge of social justice as it relates to the YWCA mission and populations we serve
  • Experience working with communities of color and people from different cultures than your own.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the intersection of racism and poverty
  • Commitment to diversity and ability to work well with diverse family styles and multi-ethnic population
  • Sensitivity to the needs of YWCA participants who are homeless, low income, limited English speaking, or impacted by domestic violence or other barriers to employment
  • Strong customer service orientation
  • Oral, written, and interpersonal communications skills
  • Computer familiarity with Windows, Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Core competencies expected: Achievement (Meets performance targets for class recruitment); Communication (Oral and written skills); Fostering Diversity (Includes people from diverse backgrounds in program design and delivery): Initiative (Working independently); Planning & Organizing (Developing curricula, Managing a class); Professionalism (Represents agency professionally and instills professionalism in clients); Negotiating (Negotiate with employer partners as we place students in jobs); Organizational Understanding (Understand hospital structure ); Relationship Building (build relationships with program partners funders etc.); Technical Expertise (Applies and improves specialized knowledge of the healthcare industry)

 PHYSICAL DEMANDS OF THIS POSITION: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by and individual to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. In performing this position, the employee:

  • Continuously exchanges information through listening and talking with clients, agency staff, employers, representatives of community organizations and other individuals in the community
  • Frequently stands, walks, sits, and climbs in performing duties in the office and in traveling to off-site meetings
  • Frequently lifts and carries up to 5 lbs. of paperwork, files, and training materials, occasionally up to 40 lbs.
  • Frequently to occasionally performs close work while updating files, reading program information, and using computer
  • Occasionally kneels, bends, pushes and pulls in obtaining files in drawers
  • Occasionally stands for long periods of time while conducting training programs or attending job fairs

*Constantly requires this activity or exposure 66+% of the time, frequently: 33%-66%, occasionally: up to 33%.


  • Hourly Rate DOE
  • 1 positon: Full time, 40 hours per week
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Classification: Exempt
  • Excellent benefits package including medical insurance, retirement plan, plus generous vacation, holiday and sick leave plans
  • At the time of hire, employees may choose to voluntarily enroll in the Fidelity 403b Plan. Typically after 2 years of employment, employees are eligible to participate in the YWCA Retirement Fund.
  • Grant-funded position reviewed regularly for funding availability.

CLOSING DATE: Open until filled

TO APPLY: All applicants can submit resume and cover letters to

The YWCA of Seattle • King County • Snohomish County is an equal opportunity employer